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Become a NOSH Ambassador and join us on a mission to bring more awareness to what food we put into our body, our mind as well as what we put into our environment. 

We believe enjoyment and balance are important to creating sustainable wellness. So don't cut all favourite foods from our diet, instead, let's make sensible swaps.

We have curated some incredible wellness focused foodie brands from around the world including snacks, sweets, and treats as well as supplements & vitamins. More brands arriving each month. 

Join our Ambassador program. On a mission to promote healthy eating. Eat Smarter, Live Better.

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If you have a website, following or blog, we welcome you to join in our mission, by becoming a NOSH Ambassador. 

Apply to become a NOSH Direct affiliate >>>> here 

How it works

Using third party tracking we are able to see which sales came from your website and links and you should receive the commission within 4-6 weeks. 

We pay a standard rate of commission on all validated sales that you drive to our site and offer exclusive partnerships with our most engaged affiliates. Please see our terms and conditions or contact us for further details on this.

Once you have been accepted on to the programme, you’ll have access to branded creative, as well as our product feed. For anything else, get in touch with Sarah and she will be happy to help! 

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