Exclusive: NOSH Direct X DR Vegan

Exclusive: NOSH Direct X DR Vegan

Dec 13, 2022Louise Y
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Discover Holistic wellness with NOSH

NOSH is best known for being Hong Kong’s first and favourite meal plan brand. For 8 years, we have created delicious, nutritious meals delivered to your home. Now, with the launch of NOSH Direct, featuring health-focused groceries, snacks, and supplements, you can access holistic wellness easily in one place. 

First to launch on NOSH Direct is leading UK supplement brand, DR.VEGAN, exclusively available in Hong Kong via NOSH Direct. 

DR.VEGAN’s launch into Hong Kong has come at a time when veganism and sustainable wellness has never been so popular. Whether it be driven by health reasons or environmental concerns, veganism has shown it’s far from a fad and as time goes on its popularity only seems to be growing.

In just two years, DR.VEGAN has successfully made an impression with over 3,000 excellent-rated real and honest customer reviews.

“If people knew how most supplements were made, I doubt they would ever choose a non-vegan supplement again. We want to bring consumers ethical products that work, and also nutritional clarity and inspiration.

Perhaps surprisingly, only around only 10% of our customers are vegans, and I think that’s because of how hard we are working to help consumers understand their diet, their health goals and nutritional needs, in a way that does not have to compromise the planet. And that’s where NOSH Direct and DR.VEGAN comes in. Better for you, and better for the planet. That’s our offering.”

🌿 Gordon Lott, co-founder of DR.VEGAN

Intelligent, clean, sustainable supplementation

You don't need to be vegan to better your health and protect the planet, and you can do both by choosing DR.VEGAN supplements. All DR. VEGAN supplements are expertly formulated, led by science, with zero animal ingredients or nasty additives - it's as simple as that.

Now, along with your meal plans from NOSH, we can deliver the highest quality supplements to your door in plastic-free and compostable pouch packaging, with your free refillable Pill Tin that can travel with you and allows you to minimise waste.

DR.VEGAN uses the finest plant-based and naturally sourced ingredients in all its supplements. There are zero additives, bulking or filling agents, they're vegan, vegetarian, free of allergens, gluten, dairy, lactose, sugar and starch, and they're all non-GMO.

DR.VEGAN formulas are led by science, created by experts, and the ingredients are in a more bio-available form which means they're more easily absorbed and more effective. And they're all in capsules and super easy to swallow, or you can open them and add the plant-based goodness to your food and drink.

DR VEGAN, Alex, interviewed by NOSH Direct

Removing the confusion from choosing supplements

The team of expert buyers at NOSH Direct scours the world for leading brands that are not available in Hong Kong. When we discovered DR.VEGAN, with their clear, ethics and expertise-based approach to nutrition and wellness, there was a clear values alignment. Made in the UK and led by science, the unique formulas are created by expert nutritionists with clinically studied plant-based ingredients that work.

You can choose supplements based upon your specific health and wellness priorities. The best-selling supplements include MenoFriend, Gut Works, Debloat & Detox, Stay Calm, Brain Fuel, Skin Saviour, Magnesium, and GlucoBalance. 

Every supplement is vegan, vegetarian, allergen free, gluten free, dairy free, lactose free, non gmo, halal, kosher, kind on the stomach, and easy to swallow. 

Discover the best-selling range here.

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