NOSH Healthy Meal Plans

Our Promise to our NOSH Fam

We're so glad to see you here. As part of the NOSH Fam, while you will find health and wellness focused snacks, sweets, and treats as well as supplements & vitamins here on NOSH Direct, you can also order your meal plans directly within the NOSH Fam here >>>  

Enjoyment and balance are important to creating sustainable wellness. So don't cut all favourite foods from your diet, instead, let's make sensible swaps. 

  • - Hong Kong’s favourite and original meal plan brand.
  • -  rising curator in health and wellness focused foodie brands from around the world including snacks, sweets, and treats as well as supplements & vitamins.

NOSH Meal Plans 

With NOSH meal plans, we focus on every step of our ingredients' journeys. From field to cutting board, our sourcing teams work tirelessly to ensure that both premium and sustainable ingredients make it into every box.

Our executive chef team has spent years developing both delicious and nutritious recipes. NOSH's meals are specifically designed for delivery and we are proud to use biodegradable packaging in all of our products.

Grade A Grass Fed Beef, Hormone and GMO Free Chicken, Organic Peruvian Quinoa, Sustainable Norwegian Salmon, Biodegradablne Packaging
  • Grade A Grass Fed Beef
  • Hormone and GMO Free Chicken
  • Organic Peruvian Quinoa
  • Sustainable Norwegian Salmon
  • Biodegradablne Packaging 


We know plastic waste is a serious problem worldwide and we want to do our part. Our packaging is fully designed out of both sugarcane and PLA plastics so that our customers can feel proud that the Nosh packaging decomposes in 51 days in a landfill. Eating better is also about leaving our planet better than how we found it.


Alibaba Entrepreneur Fund

NOSH is proud to be a portfolio business with the Alibaba Entrepreneur Fund. Please see our Founder's message below regarding the business and the partnership.